This delicious coffee offers up Apricot, Peach and Apple tasting notes. A rich and delicious coffee with a stunning aroma.

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Origin: Guatemala

Producer: Hope Coffee

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, San Ramon, Sarchimor

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1650 masl

Harvest: January – January

Tasting Notes: Apricot, Peach, Apple

Las Cipresada is situated in La Libertad, close to the Mexican border. It has been in the Castillo family for 60 years, currently under the expert eye of Nohelio Castillo who inherited it from his father, Carlos. He lives on the farm with his wife and their 4 sons.

Growing a mix of Bourbon, Caturra, Sarchimor and the less common San Ramon they produce around 600 quintals of coffee from the farm and some annexes that they have around the village.

Hope Coffee

Hope Coffee are the third generation coffee producers in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

Don Otto the father, is in charge of the farm named La Esperenza in San Pedro Necta. The farm was founded by his father Don Octavio in 1974 and he has been working there for almost 40 years.

Don Otto understood a long time ago that coffee had to grow in a sustainable way and in harmony with fauna and the flora surrounding it.

Back in 1985, Don Otto pushed the organic mentality and strived to give more to the soil year after year in order to avoid soil erosion and to feed the plants in an organic way. It brought him to start producing extremely stable, sweet and clean coffee.

Forward to 2010 and Octavio Herrera, son of Don Otto joined the company and opened new markets in Asia, the USA and Australia. This increased the need for coffee and so he started working with new farmers. With the help of his father and agronomists, he implemented a homemade organic fertilizer to the other partners and taught them how to produce it on their own.

Key for Hope are Communication, Sharing and Quality control, the latter through partnership with Eduardo Ambrocio for 10 years to assure the quality, regular cuppings of our crops, external advice and point of view for their farms. The aim will be to build their own lab in the future whilst maintaining a close relationship with Eduardo and his expertise.

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